Thursday, 14 June 2007

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A.Q.M.T.T.G.Q.= (A quick message to the Grammar Queen)

Mrs Verri- I thought you would like to know how some countries make plurals. This is it:

France: They just add 's'. They for example say, "Toillete, Toilletes." (They add 'e' to a lot of words)

Germany: They add 'en'. They for example say, "Toillet, Toilleten."

Hungary: They add 'uk'. I can not give you a demonstration of that though!

Confused? Please provide some comments to my last posts A.S.A.P.


Our 15th day

I am sad- today was our last day. After this my blog will be finished- I will return to Australia. Today was GREAT although, and this is it:
We spent the day in Disney Land again, and we went on some roller coasters we did not go on last time we were there. First, we were about to enter the Indiana Jones Ride, but Jack and I did not reach the height limit. My mum and dad took turns to go on it while the other looked after us. They said we wouldn’t like it anyway. Next all of us apart from my mum, who was on Indiana Jones, went to a tree house where the Swiss family Robinson lived. We went on Space Mountain again, and my dad stayed off. He was sick. Our first ride altogether was ‘Thunder Mountain’, which I told you about on ‘Our Second Day’. We afterwards went to another park, ‘Walt Disney Studios’. After and much later in that area, we went on a roller coaster called "Crush’s Coaster". Crush, the turtle from ‘Finding Nemo’ was the theme of the ride. The ride had opened only a week before, and it was very busy. Just when we were nearly there, the ride broke down, and we had to wait for them to fix it. It was a good ride when we got there; it would spin, twist, drop and go on the side, and afterwards was good, too. We went to what was called Armageddon, and I was told that means, “The Ending of the World”. You walked through after watching an introduction on video, and at the actual thing was a special effects show, and at one point there was fire! When it was over, we went on a studio tour and then we ran to ‘The Rock and Rollercoaster’. This ride was one that you listened to music, had sudden movements. There were lights everywhere, and it was my favorite one that day! Jack bought a Rock and Roll hat, (it had black hair dangling down), and later on we left. We caught the train back and packed when we got there, and we are going out for a nice meal soon!

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

13th of June

This day was as awesome as the others. We first went to the Louvre, an art gallery of some VERY famous paintings. We saw the Mona Lisa and Jack and I had the privilege to see it up close, as did the other children. No photographs were allowed, but we saw lots of people taking them. There were heaps of paintings, hallways infact. Most of them were like the Mona Lisa, the faces looked like they were real. We also saw La Venus de Milo, and we were allowed to take pictures of that, fortunately. After the Louvre, we went on a walk to see some tourist shops on the way to a tour. You plugged in little earphones, and changed channels to hear it in different languages, with a knob to adjust sound. The tour took us to a palace, and we got a headset in the castle. You keyed in a room number, (which there would be in almost every room) and you heard information. We saw rooms like the King’s Bedroom, the Hall of Mirrors, the Peace Drawing Room and on the outside was a huge garden. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time after the castle to see the gardens. We caught the same bus back to where we started, without the tour. I used my souvenir money to buy a book about ‘the palace of Versailles’, which was the name of the palace. We walked back, and looked at lots of shops. My parents got something each; my dad, a huge metal beer-stein, and my mum, a very nice doll, (not one to play with.) On the way back it was raining heavily, and I changed clothes before dinner.

Dinner was lovely, I again had duck. I liked this dinner even more than the ones I had before in Europe. Jack had duck, too, and I had snails! We all enjoyed our meals, and we had a terrific time!

Extra Photos (Paris, France)

Below, is the Sacre Couer cathedral, with Jack, mum and myself.

Below this text a photo of Jarrod, Hannah, me, Jack and my mother with the EiffelTower in the back-round. This was on the tour-boat we went on. On the right is my dad and Jack, next to me in front of Notre Dame.

On both the left and right you can see the EiffelTower. On the left one, is just me, and on the right is all of us, apart from my dad. In the centre is the Arc De Triomphe with just me, Jack and my mum walking towards us.

The Lovre is on the left, and the Verssailles Palace in the hall of mirrors is on the right.

These are only selected photos, but I might show you more when I get back soon!

Extra Photos (Berlin, Germany)

On the left side is the water clock at the Europa Centre in Berlin that I was talking about and below is Jack and I eating crepes.

This is Jack and I in front of the Sansoucci Palace and the picture on the right is us in front of the castle where the famous Postdam conference was held.

Here below is me, Jack and my dad in front of Checkpoint Charlie.

This is the four of us in front of the Brandeburg Gate and the picture on the right is at the Russian war memorial.

12th of June

Another morning we spent with Hannah and Jarrod; we woke up and went to the Eiffel Tower, very early. We caught an elevator up to the very top, and it was FREEZING! There was an extended part to go higher, and after looking, we went to the second level, the temperature rose, but not by much! I wanted to take the stairs, but my mum’s exact words were, “NO!” After the tower we went to the Arc De Triomphe, which is a place where the Emperor Napoleon marched his armies through to celebrate if he was victorious. We then had some lunch on the Champs Elysees, the most famous Boulevard in Paris. We then said goodbye to Jarrod and Hannah, and went to the De’ Orsay museum, and saw famous paintings by artists such as Van Gogh, Monet, Degas, La Trec and Renoir. My favorite painting was by Monet and it was of the Giverny Gardens. We went out for dinner later, and I had snails! Yum! Jack and I shared lamb chops, my dad had steak, and my mum had veal liver, which I tasted! It was yum!